Employment Matters documentary profiles people with intellectual disabilities in workforce

Employment Matters, a new documentary by CBC, explores the untapped market and potential of employing people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace.

Filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk profiles workers in B.C. and Alberta

Employment Matters, a new documentary by CBC, explores the untapped market and potential of employing people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace, as part of the Absolutely Canadian series.

Filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk profiled individuals in B.C. and Alberta in a variety of jobs, from a bakery to a horse stable and a homemade popcorn enterprise.

As she followed them in their daily routines and talked to their families and employers, she discovered how much working means to employees and how much they contribute to their workplaces.

Watch the documentary's premiere on CBC Television in B.C. and Alberta at 7 p.m. local time as well as online at cbc.ca