British Columbia

So long, Frozen John: a moose with attitude is coming for the job of Fort St. John's official mascot

It's time to put the elf on the shelf in Fort St. John, B.C. and the lead contender to take over his old job as city mascot is a hockey-jersey wearing moose.

City is looking for a representative that captures the energy and 'redneck flair' of northeast B.C.

Frozen John demonstrates proper waste disposal in a promotional video for Fort St. John. City communications manager Julie Rogers said John may move to Florida for retirement, if he is replaced as the city's mascot. (City of Fort St. John)

A hockey-jersey wearing moose is set to put the elf on the shelf in the battle to be the official mascot of Fort St. John, B.C.

Frozen John — an elf who wears a blue tuque, green mitts and a bright orange jacket — has represented Fort St. John for decades, but now the city is looking for a fresh face for the job.

City communications manager Julie Rogers said that when she moved to Fort St. John, she didn't quite understand why an elf was the face of one of B.C.'s youngest and fastest-growing cities.

"We don't actually have elves here," she said.

"Let's look at what we do have here and what best represents Fort St. John. We are redneck, quad-driving, truck-driving environmentalists ... the elf doesn't really sum that up."

A hockey-jersey wearing moose is the lead contender in the quest to replace Frozen John as the official mascot of Fort St. John. (City of Fort St. John)

Over the summer, the city set up a feedback form to get a sense of who or what they thought could capture the spirit of Fort St. John. With over 300 surveys completed, the top five choices were a moose (45.6 per cent), a fox (14.8 per cent), a deer (9.7 per cent), lightning bolt (seven per cent) and sunshine (4.5 per cent).

Other suggestions included a bear, a beaver and a pothole, while seven people voted to keep Frozen John.

'Don't moose with me'

The city also asked for feedback on what the new mascot should wear, and top choices were a tuque, a hockey jersey, sunglasses and coveralls.

Other general suggestions included having a female or gender neutral mascot, the addition of a catch phrase ("don't moose with me") and that the costume include "a little redneck flair."

Rogers said the city will now send the survey results to a mascot designer to try and capture as many suggestions as possible.

Should Frozen John step down, he will join Victoria's anthropomorphic feces Mr. Floatie and the Chilliwack Chiefs "inappropriate" hockey mascot in being put out of a job this year.

However, Rogers said there is talk of keeping John around, either as the new mascot's sidekick or as a seasonal representative of the city's annual High on Ice winter festival.

"We're still tossing around ideas," she said. "Perhaps he'd like to move to Florida."