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They came, they saw, they took photos: Vancouver's big sun-block party

How Vancouverites gathered to watch the 2017 eclipse.

How Vancouverites came together to watch the eclipse

Eclipse watchers at the HR MacMillan Science Centre in Vancouver use welder masks to see the sun. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)
An eclipse spectator enjoys a coffee on an outdoor patio in downtown Vancouver. (David Horemans/CBC)

Hundreds of people gathered outside their offices across downtown Vancouver to watch the partial eclipse.

For many it was the first time.

Much of the downtown core took on a block party feeling, as people gathered and shared their glasses and viewing boxes.

Some found inventive ways to watch the eclipse.

Others found creative ways to photograph the sun with welder's glass and get a cool new profile pic.

As the eclipse approached peak, people across British Columbia began to feel the chill.

There was plenty of time to capture the perfect moment in Vancouver, as the transit took over two hours to complete.

A man shares his cereal box creation with others in Vancouver trying to catch a glimpse of the eclipse. (David Horemans/CBC)
A woman watches the sun transit the moon's shadow on a homemade cardboard and paper eclipse viewer near False Creek. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)
The sun shines through leaves during an eclipse in a downtown Vancouver park. (Simon Charland/CBC)

Here is what the eclipse looked like sped up from a special CBC camera set up at Science World.

Solar eclipse from Vancouver

4 years ago
The moon blocked 86 per cent of the sun during the peak of a partial eclipse in Vancouver. 0:56