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East Vancouver family grieves after accidental death of 15-month-old boy

Family members of a 15-month-old Vancouver child who died in an accident have written a public tribute to the child they called 'Baby Mac.'

'Baby Mac' Macallan Saini died after an accident at daycare, his uncle says

A mother and father, with a smiling male baby, in a black-and-white picture.
15-month-old Macallan Wayne Saini, seen here with his family, died on Jan. 19, 2017 in East Vancouver, in what police say is a non-suspicious death. (John Sheppard) (John Sheppard)

Family members of a Vancouver toddler who died in an accident have written a public tribute to the child they called 'Baby Mac.'

Macallan Wayne Saini was one day away from turning 16 months when he died at an East Vancouver home, Wednesday evening. 

Macallan's uncle, John Sheppard posted a tribute on social media, "written by his loving family," on Thursday, describing the joy he brought people in his brief life.

"Although he was born into a family of introverts, he loved people, kids in particular. He used to get so excited for daycare because he got to see so many of his friends," part of the statement reads.

"Mac was incredibly empathetic for a boy who wasn't even two years old yet. If you stubbed your toe or bumped your head, he would want to make sure you were OK.

"He loved his dolly too. He would often feed her, copying his mom. He changed each and every one of our lives the moment he came into this world.

"We all miss him so much. Mac was like a brilliant star that appeared in our lives for only a short time but will forever change us all."

The statement says Macallan died from an accident while at daycare, but the exact circumstances are unknown.

Vancouver police say the death does not appear to be suspicious and that its Major Crimes Section is working with the BC Coroners Service on the case. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up on behalf of the family.

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