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Pop-up shop returns to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, inviting residents to shop for free

The Vancouver Street Store, now in its ninth year, invites neighbourhood residents to shop for free from donated items such as winter coats, boots and backpacks.

Event at Oppenheimer Park in its 9th year, aims to have residents shop with dignity

Michael Nardachioni is a peer support worker in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside who was part of a pop-up street shop at Oppenheimer Park on Saturday, Dec. 10. (Yasmin Gandham/CBC News)

About 600 people visited an annual pop-up street shop providing essential winter clothing to some of Vancouver's most vulnerable residents on Saturday, the event's organizers say.

The Vancouver Street Store in Oppenheimer Park, now in its ninth year, invites neighbourhood residents to shop for free from donated items such as winter coats, boots and backpacks.

"Warm, wanted and good health, that's the main thing around this community, we must maintain good health," said Michael Nardachioni, a peer support worker in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

"We've gone through two years of COVID not being able to communicate ... with each other, this is a good outlet to that, especially this time of year around Christmas."

The Vancouver Street Store is organized by Employ to Empower, which offers business skills training, mentorship, micro-loans and self-advocacy opportunities to people in the Downtown Eastside.

B.C. Housing and several other Vancouver businesses and agencies sponsored Saturday's event.

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A pop-up store now in its 9th year in Vancouver helps provide essential items for vulnerable people

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Organizers say there is an ongoing need for people living in the Downtown Eastside for essential items, such as warm clothes.

Organizers say 853 bags of items were donated leading up to the event, which included blankets, sleeping bags and hats, gloves and scarves.

Christina Wong, with Employ to Empower, says the store is set up to have patrons shop in what is described as a dignified manner, where they can pick and choose their own items.

"We want to listen to what people need rather than assume so people have that sense of autonomy returned to themselves," she said.

Wong says it's emotional seeing many people coming back to the event year after year.

"It's heartwarming to talk to some of the residents here and just get to know individuals," she said. "Every person has a different story and it really does shift the stigma that we see typically."

Organizers behind a pop-up street shop at Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park on Dec. 10 said 600 people came to shop for free items like winter clothing. (Yasmin Gandham/CBC News)

Vanessa Leland said she volunteered with the event to help meet the needs of people living in Vancouver's poorest neighbourhood.

"It opens your eyes ... and you really can be part of the community and [give] back."

Employ to Empower says since 2014, the street store has engaged 600 volunteers and shared more than 70,000 donations to nearly 7,000 residents in the Downtown Eastside.

The street store also offered free food, drinks and haircuts.

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