Drone drug drop thwarted at B.C. prison

Staff at Matsqui Institution intercepted a package containing drugs and tobacco after it was dropped by a drone behind prison walls.

THC butter and tobacco worth $26K intercepted after being dropped behind walls of Matsqui Institution

The package of drugs and cigarettes was dropped behind the walls at Matsqui Prison. (Corrections Canada)

Prison officials say they foiled an attempt to smuggle contraband into the Matsqui Institution in the Fraser Valley using a drone.

The package, which was dropped behind prison walls Dec. 23, contained 59 grams of THC butter and tobacco estimated to be worth more than $26,000.

The package contained 59 grams of THC butter, along with cigarettes. (Corrections Canada)

Alert staff members spotted the drone hovering late at night and seized the package when it was dropped, according to a news release.

Matsqui Institution is a medium security prison located in Abbotsford, B.C.

Staff at Matsqui prison in Abbotsford, B.C., intercepted a package of drugs and cigarettes that was dropped by a drone. (Richard Lam/CP)

The Correctional Service of Canada says in a statement it is heightening measures to prevent contraband from entering its institutions.

A complete smoking ban was introduced in all federal prisons in 2008.