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Drawings of Syria: Child refugees colour horrors of war

Syrian children whose families have settled in Surrey, B.C., drew pictures of their old and new homes.

Children of families settling in Surrey, B.C., draw pictures of old homes in Syria, new homes in Canada

The Syrian refugees who have settled in Canada over the last year left a brutal civil war behind them.

With the help of Options Community Services Society, which works with families to help them get settled, we collected images drawn by some of the children whose families are now building new lives in Surrey, B.C. 

Each child drew one picture based on their memories from Syria and one picture of their new lives in British Columbia.

The picture above was drawn by Zainab, 11, from Idlib, Syria, and the next one is her younger brother Mahmoud's version of Canada.

Emran, 10, from Damascus

Maan, 11, from Daraa

Mohammed, 10, from Damascus

Mohamed, 6, from Daraa

Mayas, 6, from Damascus

Ritaj, 9, from Daraa

Saja, 7, from Daraa