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Man walking his dogs on Burnaby Mountain finds meat stuffed with sewing needles

Burnaby RCMP and the B.C. SPCA say they're both investigating.

Burnaby RCMP and the B.C. SPCA say they're investigating

Jeff Curr says he discovered this piece of meat stuffed with needles while walking his two dogs on Burnaby Mountain on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019. (Submitted by Jeff Curr)

RCMP have launched an investigation after a man who was walking his two rescue dogs Saturday on a Burnaby Mountain trail discovered a piece of meat stuffed with a dozen sewing needles. 

Jeff Curr, 59, said he made the disturbing discovery at about 4:30 p.m. on the North Road trail when one of his dogs, Murphy, roamed through some underbrush and returned with a shiny piece of meat in her mouth.

Once the six-year-old husky cross dropped the meat, Curr realized it was stuffed with corn and berries — and a cluster of sewing needles.

"It's frightening," said Curr, who's an adviser with the B.C. government. "Any animal that would have got a hold of it and tried to ingest it, it certainly would have been the end of them."

Burnaby RCMP confirmed they received a report Saturday afternoon and are investigating. The B.C. SPCA said it also received a complaint and has assigned an officer to the case.

'It was absolute luck'

Once Curr discovered the meat, he showed it to a horrified couple nearby. He then threw it in the garbage and phoned police.

His wife's friend later shared a photo of the meat on Facebook, which was widely shared over the weekend.

Curr said he's walked his dogs on the Burnaby Mountain trails several times a week for the past five years.

He said Murphy often picks up stray food items, such as apple cores while out on walks. But the dog looked unsure about the sirloin tip hanging from her mouth.

"It was absolute luck that she just didn't gulp it down," he said, adding the meat was roughly the size of a squirrel without its tail.

Curr says he's walked his rescue dogs, Kola,(left, and Murphy, on the Burnaby Mountain trails several times a week for the past five years. (Submitted by Jeff Curr)

Curr said he believes someone deliberately left out the meat for an animal to eat. The trails, he said, are filled with wildlife, including coyotes, skunks and bears.

He said he hopes the incident will make people in the park more vigilant.

"Somebody who would be that premeditated and be able to follow through on something with such cruel intentions is really concerning."

Burnaby RCMP said anyone who has spotted similar objects in the area should phone them at 604-646-9999.

With files from Estefania Duran


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