British Columbia

DIY denturist claims court case is'cruel and unnecessary'

A man accused of offering false teeth made out of modelling clay says he told dental regulators he was through with DIY dentistry. In a response to a B.C. Supreme Court petition, Matthew Block says trying to get an injunction against him is "cruel and unnecessary."

Matthew Block says he took Craigslist ad down 11 months before regulators contacted him

Matthew Block claims his girlfriend put up a Craigslist ad boasting of his false teeth without telling him. He says he took the ad down and promised to never again offer dental services. (Facebook)

A B.C. man accused of selling false teeth made out of modelling clay on Craigslist says he's through with DIY dentistry.

But that hasn't stopped the province's colleges of dental surgeons, dental technicians and denturists from asking the Supreme Court for an injunction to prevent Matthew Ronald Block from operating out of his Richmond apartment.

In his response to to the petition, Block claims the dental regulators are taking a "cruel and unnecessary" step against him by filing for an injunction.

"Mr. Block is not offering and has already told the petitioners he will never again offer any dental-related services," Block's girlfriend states in his response.

"Mr. Block has never lied to the petitioners or the courts, therefore it is unreasonable to assume he will not keep his promises."

'It was a stupid idea'

The dental regulators went to court last month seeking an injunction to stop Block from selling $100 false teeth allegedly made out of an arts and crafts clay called "Sculpey."

According to documents filed in the case, Block came to the attention of authorities last August after boasting in a Craiglist ad of having invented a "temporary flipper type false tooth" for his girlfriend.

The College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia hired a private investigator who claimed Block offered to fit him with a tooth and was also working on a full set of dentures he referred to as a "snap on smile."

A private investigator claims he was told his artificial tooth would be made of 'Sculpey,' a modelling clay not usually associated with dentures. (Sculpey)

In a Facebook message, Block told CBC News his girlfriend put up the ad without his knowledge. He said he never had any visitors beyond the college's investigator and never made or sold any more false teeth.

"I, on my own accord, took it down because it was a stupid idea," Block wrote.

If they were worried about him, Block questions why the colleges waited 11 months between sending an investigator to visit him and going to court. He claims he was asked to sign an undertaking, but refused because he didn't want his name listed next to "other real actual criminal dentist(s) who actually practice dentistry illegally."

"I explained to them in clear and certain terms that I agreed with them full-heartedly and had stopped on my own accord 11 months prior and that I would never do anything like that ever again, and just pleaded with them not to put my name on their website," Block wrote in his Facebook message.

"And so then they go and do this and blasted my name across international media."

Block also said the gloves he was wearing were not dirty — as the investigator claimed in his affidavit; Block said the gloves were covered in a powder that comes from the manufacturer.

In his B.C. Supreme Court response, Block said the filing of the initial petition has "needlessly embarrassed" him and his family.