British Columbia

Did you get a snap of the supermoon?

More than a few hopeful supermoon photographers found themselves frustrated by overcast skies over much of British Columbia Monday evening, with some posting completely black images on social media tagged with #supermoon2016.

Overcast skies thwarted many hopeful supermoon viewers but a few lucky photographers got the shot

How big was it? Really big. (Hellwood Media Inc.)

More than a few hopeful supermoon photographers found themselves thwarted by overcast skies over much of British Columbia Monday evening but a few lucky shutterbugs had a clear moment to capture what NASA scientists say was the brightest supermoon since 1948. 

The supermoon phenomena was the result of rare timing — the moon was both full and at the point in its orbit closest to earth.

Frustrated would-be photographers who couldn't catch a break in the clouds posted completely black photos tagged #supermoon2016, while others rigged mock photos using tortillas or rice cakes. 

Earthlings won't see the likes of Monday's supermoon again until 2034.