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Dianne Watts facing scrutiny over campaign flyer

A campaign mailout sent to homes in the South Surrey—White Rock riding, by Conservative candidate Dianne Watts, is being called absurd and fear mongering.

Mailout described as absurd and fear mongering

Flyer sent to homes in the South Surrey—White Rock riding where Watts is a Conservative candidate. (CBC)

A campaign mailout sent to homes in the riding of South Surrey—White Rock by Conservative candidate Dianne Watts, is being called absurd and fear mongering.

The flyer shows a newspaper headline taken from the National Post reading "ISIS Urges Jihadists To Attack Canadians", with a highlighted quote "You Will Not Feel Secure In Your Bedrooms". 

On the reverse side, Watts is pictured below a line reading "We Will Fight Jihadist Terrorists At Home And Abroad."

Pixie Hobby, NDP candidate for South Surrey—White Rock, says there's a lot of talk about the flyer in the riding. 

"Citizens of South Surrey—White Rock are really upset about this flyer," Hobby said. "They don't appreciate the fear mongering."

Hobby says the issue of terrorism is a distraction from more important local concerns in the area including crime and policing.

When asked for comment, Watts sent CBC an email response stating, "There was no intention to fear monger." 

Reverse side of flyer (CBC)

The statement continues, "ISIS has clearly declared Canada as a target for terrorism. We have seen such acts on Canadian soil with the death of our Canadian soldier in Ottawa — in Quebec and a foiled attempt at the B.C. Legislature."

The email also states Watts would not be commenting further on the matter. 

Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa sent out the flyer on behalf of a number of candidates including Watts and Erinn Broshko, who is running in the riding of Vancouver Granville. 


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