Designer tips on how to freshen your home for spring

Designer Karla Dreyer offers several tips on easy ways to freshen the inside of your home and inspire the sense of spring even if the cold weather and rain wants to hang on.

Karla Dreyer shows us how to bring colour and warmth inside even if the weather isn't that warm

Interior designer Karla Dreyer offers suggestions to being spring inside 3:40

Vancouver had a long winter. Many of us are ready for a change of seasons — and spring is all about bringing a feeling of rebirth back into our home. Flowers bloom, leaves start to pop in trees, and joy and new life is here. 

Karla Dreyer, interior decorator from E-decor, came into the CBC Studios to show a few easy ways that we could bring the feeling and ambiance of spring into our homes and lives. 

1. Pillows

(Karla Dreyer)

"A good rule of thumb is change it up in spring and change it up in fall. Something new just makes you feel good," Dreyer told Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko.

She said even if the pillows that you have don't feel wintry, change them up anyway.

A nice blue hue can bring out the colour of the ocean — and get you excited for a summer spent on the beach.

2. Art

Adding spring artwork into your home decor can create a refreshing change of sights and colours, says Dreyer.

"People don't think of changing up their art, but it's such a beautiful way to add fresh colour," Dreyer said. 

Paintings of florals are a colourful trend. If you don't want to put holes in the wall, just lean the pictures against the wall — or stagger them.

3. Baskets

Baskets are a pivotal component of spring picnics — and make for great kitty beds. (elminium/Flickr)

"Go get a basket," Dreyer said. "The texture and the look of it just says spring." 

She said you could place a basket beside a couch, beside a chair, in an entrance way, in a bedroom beside a bed, or in kids' rooms. For Dreyer, the most basic use of a basket would be a place for books or magazines.

4. Plants and flowers

Spring flowers will add new scents and colours to your home. (Karla Dreyer)

Dreyer said we definitely want to bring the greenery back to add a different look. Don't just place plants into a conventional pot. Dreyer puts her plotted plants into a dusty pink-coloured recycled paper bag that gives the plant a new, interesting and fun look. 

Other tips include getting a new mat for your front door and adding a flowery wreath, instead of the Christmas wreath we hang. Adding a wreath with real flowers could make us feel like spring is right at home.

With files from CBC's Our Vancouver