British Columbia

Demonstrators in Vancouver march for justice for Breonna Taylor

On Sunday in Vancouver about 20 people marched from Jack Poole Plaza up Burrard Street to demand justice in the U.S. for slain Black woman Breonna Taylor.

Organizers say support for the Black Lives Matter movement cannot waver

Nova Stevens, right, leads a group of demonstrators from Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver on Sunday. The group is demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in Kentucky in March. (Chad Pawson/CBC)

On Sunday in Vancouver about 20 people marched from Jack Poole Plaza up Burrard Street to demand justice for slain U.S. Black woman Breonna Taylor.

Nova Stevens, a social activist who organized the march, said new information about the case released this week heightened her anger over the 26-year-old's death.

She said people cannot let up with the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Demand justice," she chanted through a megaphone as she led the group, which occupied two lanes of Burrard Street. 

Police escorted the march, which began around 3:30 p.m. PT. 

Taylor was killed in March after three police officers entered her Louisville, Ky., home on a no-knock warrant and shot her multiple times.

The 26-year-old Black woman's death has led to significant public outcry, including in B.C.

On Wednesday, prosecutors said the two officers who fired at Taylor were justified in using force to protect themselves.

A police officer who was fired in June was indicted on three counts for endangering Taylor's neighbours when he opened fire on their home the night of Taylor's killing.

Stevens said there is outrage over the latest details and that people should continue to march in the streets to demand justice.

"The fight always continues, it's not just a one day event, it's every single day," she said. "We as Black people, we as people of colour, it's a fight that we do every single day and we don't have a choice but to."

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