British Columbia

Delta police pull wristbands for Const. Jordan MacWilliams

The Delta Police Department has removed promotions selling the controversial blue wristbands from its website and social media accounts.

Blue wristbands were created to show support for officer charged with 2nd-degree murder

Delta Police were selling blue wristbands in support of Const. Jordan MacWilliams, who is facing a second-degree murder charge. (Jesse Johnston/CBC News)

The Delta Police Department has removed promotions selling blue wristbands from its website and social media accounts — wristbands intended to show support for an officer charged with second-degree murder.

The blue wristbands were being sold for $2 by the Delta Police Association to support Const. Jordan MacWilliams, who was charged with second-degree murder following the death of Mehrdad Bayrami at the Starlight Casino two years ago.

Police had been called to the parking lot of the casino to deal with a distraught man with a gun.

Dozens of officers wearing the wristbands came out to the courthouse in New Westminster last week, in a show of support for MacWilliams when he made a preliminary court appearance.

But the sale and promotion of the wristbands on the department's official website and social media accounts raised concerns that the police were undermining the work of the Crown prosecutors, who made the decision to charge MacWilliams.

Delta Police spokesperson Sarah Swallow confirmed on Sunday the department is in the process of removing references to the wristbands.

Early Monday morning they remained on sale on the official police department website, but have since been taken down from the website and social media.

Last week, Pivot Legal Society lawyer Douglas King said while the association has the right to support one of their officers, the police department website should not be used to support an officer charged with second-degree murder. 

"It crosses a line and I think it really clouds what role the police have in the justice system," King said. 

Delta Mayor Lois Jackson also said last week she planned to look into the issue.