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Surrey RCMP investigate after Delta police chief's wife allegedly sprayed woman from her yard

Lorraine Dubord is accused of spraying a Richmond woman with a hose from her property near Centennial Park.

Lorraine Dubord accused of spraying Richmond woman with a hose from her property near Centennial Park

Lorraine Dubord, wife of Delta's police chief, is confronted by friends of a Richmond woman who alleges Dubord sprayed her with a hose. (Submitted)

The Delta Police Department is promising an internal policy review after the police chief's wife was accused of spraying a woman with a hose — an altercation that's currently under investigation by RCMP.

Lorraine Dubord, wife of Delta police Chief Neil Dubord, is alleged to have sprayed Richmond's Kiran Sidhu with a hose on June 6.

The incident, initially reported to the Delta police, has been handed over to Surrey RCMP by the deputy chief. The move ensures "a fair and independent process is followed through the current investigation," according to a statement released Saturday by the Delta Police Board. 

The board said the police department will also be reviewing its internal policies and practices.

"Confidence and trust in community policing is critical and we wish to restate our earlier commitment to create a safe, just, and inclusive community for all residents and visitors in Delta," the statement said. 

Kiran Sidhu says she was sprayed with a hose after a verbal altercation with Lorraine Dubord. (Jon Hernandez/CBC)

Alleged hosing

The alleged incident took place on a Saturday afternoon. Sidhu had met with some friends at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen when a high tide came in.

As she was returning to her vehicle, she climbed over a large pile of rocks that line several properties along the shore. Fearing she would fall into the water, Sidhu said she gripped the glass fence that surrounds Dubord's home.

"There was no beach left because the tide had come in really high," said Sidhu, adding that she can't swim.

That's when she says Dubord came out of her house, and quickly ordered her to get away from her property.

"She started shooing me away, telling me to 'go, and get off the rocks,'" said Sidhu. She says tensions between the two of them quickly escalated as they argued over the rocks.

"And then I kind of slipped, and then she said, 'Hah, that would be so funny if you fell, but then again we have enough beached whales around here,'" said Sidhu.

After exchanging insults, Sidhu says she was suddenly sprayed in the face with a hose.

"It was such a shock," she said. "It felt like a violent blow to my face. It felt very deliberate."

In a video shared with CBC News, Dubord is confronted by two of Sidhu's friends, at which point Dubord says she turned on the hose. She denies spraying Sidhu.

Sidhu initially reported the incident to the DPD. The investigation is now being conducted by the Surrey RCMP.

Sidhu says she leaned onto the glass fence to balance herself as she climbed over the rocks. (Jon Hernandez/CBC)

Apology issued

Sidhu says the incident unearthed feelings of discrimination within Tsawwassen and Delta.

"I feel like an outsider here, because there's a lot of white folks, and not a lot of people of colour," she said. "Even coming to the beach, I don't feel welcome when people who live here terrorize us in these ways."

Lorraine Dubord has since issued an apology, reported in the Delta Optimist on Thursday.

"I would like to apologize to the individual involved in the way the situation was handled at Centennial Beach three weeks ago. Everyone should feel welcomed and supported in our community," Dubord said in the statement. "I trust that all the facts and the complete story surrounding this regrettable incident will be gathered in due course through the ongoing and independent RCMP investigation.

"I would like to reaffirm my ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and fighting racism and hate in our community. I will continue to listen and learn from the discourse occurring in our community on this matter."

Delta police also condemned hatred and racism within the community.

"We absolutely and unequivocally condemn racism and fully recognize that together we all need to do more to combat racism, hatred and discrimination in our community," said the police board.