Defence seeks four year sentence in swarming death of Burnaby teen

A defence lawyer is asking for four years for his client's role in the swarming death of a Burnaby teen.

Luka Gordic died in 2015 after being swarmed and stabbed by a group of teens in Whistler

Gordic was stabbed and killed by a group of teenagers in Whistler in 2015. He was 19 years old. (Mike McArthur/CBC)

The defence is seeking a four year sentence, minus time served, for Arvin Golic's role in the swarming death of 19 year old Luka Gordic. 

The Burnaby teenager was swarmed by a group in May 2015, in Whister, and fatally stabbed.

Golic, who was 18 at the time of the incident, was found guilty of manslaughter in June.

At the hearing Thursday, Matthew Nathanson argued his client had a "limited role in the death."

"The facts are the facts in terms of what occurred. My client did not stab Luka Gordic. He didn't have a knife. He did not know others had a knife," said Nathanson. 

The courtroom was filled with family and friends of the victim, who could be seen shaking their heads at times as the defence laid out its supporting arguments, including Golic's age at the time of the offence and "lack of maturity."

Nathanson said other factors that support the sentence being sought include the notion his client is remorseful and had completed numerous courses while in custody to further his rehabilitation. 

In early October, three youths who cannot be named because they were 17 at the time of the crime were also found guilty in Gordic's death.

Two were found guilty of manslaughter and a third guilty of second-degree murder. The Crown has said it will be seeking adult sentences in those three cases. 

The Crown is asking Golic serve a nine to 11 year sentence.