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Defeated Canucks fans look to Game 7

Vancouver Canucks fans seem undaunted as their team suffered yet another lopsided road loss against the Bruins, this time by a 5-2 score to force a seventh and deciding game in the Stanley Cup Final back in Vancouver on Wednesday.

Vancouver Canucks fans seem undaunted by the rollercoaster swings in the Stanley Cup final series, with a pattern of close wins at home and embarrassing losses in Boston against the Bruins.

The Canucks extended their string of drubbings at the Boston Garden Monday, losing 5-2 after going down by four goals in the first 10 minutes of the game.

"They got three cheap goals and it was too much for us to come back from," said a fan on West Georgia Street.

"It's awful, just awful," said one male fan who left the video presentation at Rogers Arena early. "But we'll come back."

The faces in Vancouver say it all, as Canucks fans watch the team lose early in Game 6. (CBC)

When asked about the atmosphere in the building after Boston's flurry of goals, he said, "You could hear a pin drop from a mile away."

Tens of thousands of Canucks loyalists once again flocked to sit in front of the giant video screens in the fan zones in downtown Vancouver. By some counts, several hundred left the party after the first-period humiliation that saw netminder Roberto Luongo chased off the ice just eight minutes in.

"They played in the wrong city," said another. "They can't win in Boston."

But most of the throng hung in for the duration, confident that the unfailing home-ice advantage in the series so far would finally win the Cup for Vancouver in Game 7 Wednesday.

"We have the opportunity of bringing it back to our own city and playing to our strength," said one fan in blue and green face paint. "It's just a little bit of drama, that's all."

Crowd dispersed quickly

In the end, there was little to celebrate, except the fact that the Canucks did not give up and finally scored again late in the third period.

There's always Game 7, which is in Vancouver Wednesday. (CBC)

There were almost no high-fives, blaring car horns, whoop-choruses or cries of "We want the Cup."

The crowds, which had stayed in the streets celebrating for hours after a victory, disappeared in 30 minutes Monday.

And now the whole season comes down to one game.

"It's a lot more nerve-racking than even this was, which was crazy," said a female fan who watched the game in the plaza outside the CBC building. "But winning a Stanley Cup isn't easy and I think we can do it."

Another fan was more confident. "Kill it at home, man. It's going to be ours for sure," he said.

'It's going to be ours for sure,' these fans said of the coveted Stanley Cup. (CBC)

Vancouver police reported no major incidents, an outcome which might have been partly due to the ordered shutdown of 18 private and government-run liquor stores in the downtown area.

The order from the provincial government followed police reports that during and after Game 5 on Friday — which the Canucks won — police and security personnel made about  3,000 seizures of alcoholic beverages. Seizures around Game 4 on Wednesday — a loss — totalled about 300.