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Deadpool 2 with Ryan Reynolds confirmed

Vancouverite Ryan Reynolds will be back to star as the foul-mouthed Canadian mercenary in Deadpool 2.

20th Century Fox says original creative team will be back for sequel

Vancouverite Ryan Reynolds will be back in the Deadpool sequel. (20th Century Fox/YouTube)

Vancouverite Ryan Reynolds will be back to star as the foul-mouthed Canadian mercenary in Deadpool 2

20th Century Fox chairman Stacey Snider confirmed the sequel with the original creative team at Cinemacon, the annual convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners. 

That Fox greenlit the sequel is no surprise given that Deadpool smashed box office records. 

According to Forbes, Deadpool has earned $745.7 million worldwide as of Sunday, making it the the biggest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.

The movie was shot in Vancouver and unlike in many other films, Deadpool did not attempt to disguise the city as another. In fact, Reynold's character hails from Regina. 

Vancouver was easily recognizable throughout the film. (20th Century Fox)

During the filming of the movie, more than 2,000 British Columbians were hired as actors, crew and extras, according to the Motion Picture Association of Canada. And Vancouver's visual effects industry had a starring role.

Reynolds and the film have several fans in Vancouver, including Mayor Gregor Robertson who came to the film's shoot on the Georgia Viaduct last April. 

There's no word on whether the sequel will be shot in Vancouver.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson met up with Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume on the last day of filming on the Georgia Viaduct. (@VanMayorsOffice/Twitter)