British Columbia

Dead shark will be necropsied after washing up on Saanich beach

The pregnant bluntnose sixgill shark was found at Coles Bay beach on Wednesday.

Pregnant bluntnose sixgill shark found at Coles Bay beach on Wednesday

A dead, pregnant bluntnose sixgill shark washed up on a beach in North Saanich, B.C., on Wednesday. (Paul Malcolm)

Researchers believe a dead, pregnant shark that washed up on a Vancouver Island beach may have been drawn to shallow water to give birth before it died.

The bluntnose sixgill shark was found on Coles Bay beach in North Saanich, B.C., on Wednesday afternoon.

District officials and staff from Fisheries and Oceans Canada were sent to remove the fish, which weighed between 270 and 360 kilograms, from the beach.

Reseachers at the University of Victoria are set to necropsy the shark on Friday in an effort to determine its cause of death.

The bluntnose sixgill is the largest predatory shark regularly found in Canadian Pacific waters. It is named for having six gill slits, where most sharks only have five.

Researchers from the University of Victoria are planning a necropsy for Friday. (Paul Malcolm)
Researchers think the fish may have moved to shallow water to give birth. (Paul Malcolm)


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