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Cyclist Christin Tschacher tries to find North Vancouver woman who saved her after accident

When she left her North Vancouver home to bike to work in Vancouver June 5, Christin Tschacher had no idea that less than 10 minutes later she'd be lying senseless in the street.

Facebook campaign started to search for Good Samaritan who dragged fallen cyclist out of traffic

North Vancouver cyclist Christin Tschacher recovered at Lions Gate Hospital after she fell off her bike and suffered a concussion. After sending out a plea on Facebook, looking for the woman who dragged her from traffic, she has finally found the Good Samaritan. (Submitted by Christin Tschacher)

When she left her North Vancouver home to bike to work in Vancouver June 5, Christin Tschacher had no idea that less than 10 minutes later she'd be lying senseless in the street.

Now Tschacher is looking for the woman who picked her up out of the gutter and stayed with her until a friend could arrive.

The last thing Tschacher remembers is turning off Keith Road onto Brooksbank Avenue. As she rode her bike along the sidewalk at about 8 a.m. PT, the front basket fell off. 

"I assume I must have driven into it with my bike, and that caused me to fall onto the road. I was on the sidewalk, but after that, I don't remember any more for a little while."

Tschacher suffered road rash, but is grateful she survived her ordeal. (Christine Tschacher/Facebook)

She says all she has is a description of the woman provided by the friend who eventually arrived to pick her up — youngish, in her 20s or 30s, with brownish hair.

Tshcacher was wearing a helmet but suffered a concussion, and says she may owe the woman her life.

"I am so very thankful that she stopped and pulled me off the road," she said. "I know she was on her way to work as well, so I'm thankful that she took the time to stop, help me out there and stay with me."

Tschacher posted her story on her Facebook page, with the message "Vancouverites I need your help!" 

On Sunday, her voice breaking with emotion, Tschacher told CBC News she just wants to thank the woman.

"If she wouldn't have stopped, I don't know if the next car would have crashed into me," she said. 

Tschacher says we live in hectic times, and she's just grateful that someone decided to take the time to stop and help her.

Map: East Keith Road and Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver


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