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Residents call for crosswalk lights after 2 accidents in 24 hours on busy Burnaby road

A pedestrian was killed and cyclist was injured at the same intersection on Cariboo Road last week.

A pedestrian was killed and a cyclist was injured at same intersection on Cariboo Road

Residents who live near this crosswalk on Cariboo Road in Burnaby want the city to install lights after a pedestrian was hit and a cyclist was injured in two incidents a day apart. (CBC)

Burnaby residents who live close to a busy intersection on Cariboo Road are upset that their worst fear has materialized after calls to put lights up at a busy crosswalk.

On Wednesday Fernanda Girotto, a 14-year-old international student from Brazil, was killed after being struck by a vehicle on the road just south of Highway 1.

A day later a cyclist was also hit and injured.

'We wouldn't want any life to be lost'

People like Alexander John, who works for local church, Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship, have been lobbying the city to make the area safer.

"The last conversation or email that was communicated we specifically said we wouldn't want any life to be lost," he said.

A memorial on Cariboo Road in Burnaby for international student Fernanda Girotto, who died after being hit by a vehicle on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018. (CBC)

The section of Cariboo Road is close to an off-ramp from Highway 1, where drivers exit then round a corner and travel up a rise before heading south on Cariboo Road.

Area residents say the section is a problem because it combines high speed and poor visibility.

There is a painted bike lane on the roadway where the incidents occurred.

A cyclists rides in a bike lane on Cariboo Road in Burnaby. (CBC)

The City of Burnaby says the crosswalk near where both incidents occurred had been the source of previous complaints. The City's also conducting a review of the section or roadway.

Residents like John say it's not happening soon enough, but Dave Critchley, who works in public safety for the City of Burnaby, says a committee is on it.

"I can tell you that we take it very seriously and there certainly has never been any sense from city staff or myself that this is not urgent," he said. "It's not been lost on me that there have been two traffic accidents back to back."

Dave Critchley with the City of Burnaby says after the two incidents on Cariboo Road on Jan. 17 and Jan. 18 a crew was sent to the crosswalk near the Highway 1 exit to investigate. (CBC)

On Jan. 9  the city installed a board that monitors speed of northbound traffic. Critchley says other traffic calming measures are expected.

And area residents would like to see lights installed as part of the crosswalk.

"We feel it is important because we don't want to lose anymore lives," said John.

Critchley says the city is studying the two accidents to determine their cause and if there is a resulting need for a light at the crosswalk.

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  • An earlier version of this story listed Fernanda Girotto's age as 15. In fact, she was 14.
    Feb 06, 2020 4:17 PM PT