British Columbia

'Crosswalk to nowhere' in Vernon, B.C., destined for oblivion

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will be removing a 'crosswalk to nowhere' in Vernon that leads pedestrians directly into a concrete barrier.

Province to remove crosswalk along Highway 6 that leads pedestrians to concrete barrier and rock face

The province will be removing this crosswalk in Vernon, B.C. that leads pedestrians directly into a concrete barrier. (Jasmine Finlay)

If you want to get from point A to B in Vernon, B.C., this crosswalk might not be for you.

Resident Jasmine Finlay noticed the odd pedestrian crossing and posted a photo online.

"Basically it's the crosswalk to nowhere. It leads to a cement barrier with a very steep hill on the other side."

The crosswalk is at the busy junction of Highway 6 and 27th Street near a mall and movie theatre. Instead of leading pedestrians to a sidewalk, it runs right into a concrete block.

'It just seems ridiculous'

Since she first posted a photo of the crosswalk on Facebook, Finlay has had a lot of reaction from fellow residents.

"People were laughing about it and thought it was hilarious, other people said they actually used the crosswalk. They now seem upset that it's going to be removed."

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, which has jurisdiction over the crosswalk, isn't sure when or why it was put in. (Google Maps)

"It just seems ridiculous to keep on painting it every year rather than improve the intersection."

While some might find the crosswalk funny, Finlay also says it's a safety issue.

With speeding cars, a sharp corner and a lack of pedestrian access, she calls the area "extremely dangerous" and has contacted the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure asking for a sidewalk. 

"It's an unacceptable situation, really."

Crosswalk to be removed

Though the highway falls under provincial jurisdiction, the province couldn't say when or why the crosswalk was put in, but in a written statement said plans are underway to have it removed.

"The ministry will be removing the crosswalk markings at this location and enhancing the signage to encourage users to use only the west side of the intersection to safely cross the highway,"a ministry spokesperson wrote in a statement.

The province also said it plans to work with the City of Vernon to determine if future improvement projects are necessary.