British Columbia

Creepy mystery caller threatens to kidnap neighbour

Police in New Westminster, B.C. are trying to identify a man who called the non-emergency line Sunday morning and told the dispatcher he planned to kidnap his neighbour and hold her against her will.

'Fleece Johnson' called police to say he plans to abduct a 26-year-old New Westminster woman he met at a local pub

Man threatens to kidnap his neighbour, and police can't trace the call 1:14

Police in New Westminster, B.C. are trying to identify a man who called the non-emergency line Sunday morning and told the dispatcher he planned to kidnap his neighbour and hold her against her will.

The disturbing call came in at 8:17 a.m. PT Sunday, and was routed to the regional E-Comm service. The call was unable to be traced, but the E-Comm operator kept the man on the line for an hour.

New Westminster police say a mystery caller told an E-Comm operator Sunday that he planned to kidnap his neighbour. The caller said he lives on Columbia Street, and that his target lives five doors down from him. (CBC)

During that time, the mystery caller said he was 29 years old, that he lived in New Westminster on Columbia Street, and that he wanted to be called 'Fleece Johnson.'

He told the operator repeatedly that he wanted to kidnap the woman who lives five houses down from him. He said the woman is 26 and has no children, and that he met her at a nearby pub five years ago.

New Westminster Police Department Sgt. Diana McDaniel said police have no way of knowing whether the caller meant any of what he said, and police are urgently trying to identify and locate him.

"Because the male hasn't been identified, we can't say for certain if these threats aren't valid," she said. "So until we can do that, we have to investigate to, you know, the best degree that we possibly can."

The New Westminster police's Major Crimes Section was called in to work Sunday, in order to process and follow-up on any tips that came in about the man's identity.

Police also released a short excerpt of the man's conversation with the E-Comm operator, in the hopes that someone would recognize his voice. (Listen here.)

Transcript of audio excerpt

  • Caller: I thought you’re gonna give me a local number? Where I could phone.
  • E-COMM: Well, well, we’re gonna, we’re gonna try and work on that. But I’m just wondering do you know this lady’s first name?
  • Caller: Yes, I do, but I’m sorry I’m not gonna give you that information.
  • E-COMM: You don’t wanna give us any information?
  • Caller: No. About, regarding this. You can then trace me.