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Craft beer variety at B.C. Liquor Stores set to grow next week

On the Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman says beer varieties at government liquor stores could become more numerous. Plus, she's got some winter beer picks (no vanilla!).

Government stores can accept up to 12 non-listed products from breweries closest to their location

Some B.C. Liquor Stores will have a wider variety of local craft beer says On The Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman. She says that should be good for craft brewers and beer fans alike. (CBC)

Beer fans could be seeing a bigger selection of craft beer on BC Liquor Store shelves starting next week.

That's because government stores will start accepting up to 12 non-listed products from breweries closest to their location.

According to On The Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman, that means more exposure for small producers across the province.

"Competition for shelf space is fierce, so any policy that offers brewers a chance to get their product out to consumers is a welcome one," she told On The Coast host Stephen Quinn. "As for consumers, they will have the ease of picking up beer from several local breweries in one stop rather than having to visit each brewery when they're looking to purchase bottles."

"For consumers outside the Lower Mainland and Victoria where breweries are fewer and further between, having local craft beers on government liquor store shelves should mean craft beer lovers have more options close to home."

Whyman says she's "cautiously optimistic" about the new program, but it remains to be seen how it will look like once it's up and running.

And since the weather's starting to get chillier, Whyman has some cold-weather beer highlights:

Devilfish IPA from Old Yale Brewing

"This limited release SMaSH beer (single malt, single hop) is available in 650ml bombers at government and private liquor stores. The malt is special amber and the hop is ella from Australia."

Townsite Perfect Storm Oatmeal Stout

"This seasonal beer is 5.5 per cent alcohol and available in 650 ml bottles at private liquor stores."

Brassneck Brewing Inertia Imperial Stout

"It's dark, it's handsome, it's coffee, it's chocolate notes — available on tap at the tasting room and the Alibi Room."

To hear the full interview, click the audio labelled: Craft beer brands at B.C. Liquor Stores expand


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