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Broadcast and Digital Journalist

Courtney Dickson is a journalist working in Kamloops, B.C. Email her at with story tips.

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Why this B.C. couple chose virtual bike racing over outdoor activities

Every night at 8 p.m., Stephanie and Björn Ossenbrink train for bike racing competitions in places like New York, London or the fictional town of Watopia, from the comfort of their own basement.

'Part of the solution': Haida Gwaii students turn trash into fuel

A teacher in Masset, B.C. is teaching students how non-recyclable plastic can be turned into diesel fuel by bringing new technology into the classroom.

Quesnel to fine people for sitting on sidewalks, sleeping on grass downtown

Anyone caught sitting on sidewalks or sleeping on the grass in downtown Quesnel will face a stiff fine after the city’s nuisance bylaw was amended this week. 

Shhh. You're shopping too loud. Nelson, B.C., store turns down the volume

A grocery store in Nelson, B.C., has introduced shopping on Sunday nights for customers who require calm surroundings. 

Blind man arrested after refusing to remove guide dog from Kamloops, B.C., store

An Ontario man plans to file a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal after a dispute with a gas station attendant over his guide dog led to him being arrested.

Salt Spring Island pushes for public laundry facility

It’s been more than three years since the only public laundry business on Salt Spring Island closed, leaving some members of the community to do their washing in the bathtub or travel to another island to clean their clothes.

More than planes on the wing at southern B.C. airport — bees like it, too

Bees are buzzing around a small apiary next to the Kamloops Airport control tower in B.C.'s southern Interior. It's a perfect fit for a local beekeeper who's finding a food-production use for land that would otherwise stay empty.

Vancouver woman eyes world record for largest sunglasses collection

A Vancouver woman has been collecting sunglasses for two and a half years and now has 3,000 unique pairs. She hopes that's enough to set a record for the largest sunglasses collection — ever.

Province pulls funding for Kelowna family resource centre, which is now relying on fundraising, grants

The future of the Central Okangan Family Hub in Kelowna is uncertain after the provincial government recently announced it would be pulling funding from the centre.

Orphaned moose calves recovering after Revelstoke rescue

After finding themselves motherless and unable to fend for themselves in the wild, the story of two young moose calves could have had a sad ending. But because they met Lee-Ann Kramer, they have a chance to thrive.

How some small businesses are ditching plastic

Some B.C., businesses were already making the move away from single-use plastics before there was talk of a nationwide plastic ban.

Former B.C. sawmill gets fresh start as wood pellet plant

A sawmill in McBride, B.C., that shut down 13 years ago is getting a new life as a wood pellet plant. Boreal BioEnergy, a B.C.-based forestry company, has purchased the site and started building the new plant.

Environmentalists push for plastic tampon applicators to be included in federal plastics ban

Environmental advocates are calling on the federal government to add plastic tampon applicators to the list of items that could be banned in Canada by 2021.

Hundreds of British Columbians lost their jobs in recent sawmill closures: Now what?

Terry Tate, who has worked in the forestry industry for 48 years, works for the United Steelworkers, focusing on helping employees like these make the transition after lay-offs like these. His biggest advice for those feeling uncertain: don’t panic.

Interactive path in B.C.'s Interior blends traditional storytelling and technology

Hikers in B.C.'s Shuswap region are now being encouraged to take their smartphones on a trek through Tsútswecw Provincial Park to teach them about the history of the area.