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Broadcast and Digital Journalist

Courtney Dickson is a journalist working in Kamloops, B.C. Email her at with story tips.

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B.C. girl celebrates 6th birthday with letters from around the world

More than 180 cards and 15 packages were delivered to Ray Manning's home after his daughter's aunt put a call out on social media asking for folks to help make her niece's birthday special.

Visitor to B.C. village calls out restaurant for racist stickers

Tom Kato was travelling with friends through Keremeos when they stopped at a local bar for something to eat. They saw a sticker that said, “It’s OK to be white” paired with an image of a hand giving the OK sign, which has been declared a racist symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. 

Northern B.C. COVID-19 survivor advises others to be cautious as cases climb in region

A northern B.C. woman who is still recovering from  COVID-19 after contracting the virus in March and enduring a 17-day coma is warning others in her region about the seriousness of the virus. 

Aggressive outbursts in B.C. restaurants prompt campaign asking customers to respect staff

Multiple incidents in B.C. restaurants has prompted a campaign asking customers to respect establishments and staff.

COVID-19 highlights need for improved dental care in remote communities, hygienist says

Natasha Kellett was the only dental care provider in Haida Gwaii for three during during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it taught her a lot about what's possible when it comes to healthcare in remote communites.

B.C. fruit growers appeal to local residents to help with harvest as COVID-19 keeps foreign workers away

Fruit growers are appealing to British Columbians in need of work to help with the remaining harvest this year.

B.C. MP calls on Canadian, U.S. governments to help B.C., Alaskan communities affected by border closure

B.C. MP Taylor Bachrach is calling on the Canadian government to help remote communities on either side of the Alaska-B.C. border that have been affected by the international border closure. 

Canoe carving project brings youth closer to their culture

Carvers and youth are collaborating to turn a log into a canoe in B.C.’s Interior.

This B.C. woman's face is broadcast on a giant screen every day in Times Square

A Dawson Creek, B.C., woman's face graces a billboard four times an hour every day as part of an ad campaign.

Latitudes and attitudes: How COVID-19 is impacting border towns in the West

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted some stark similarities, and vast differences, between Canadian and American border towns.

Saskatchewan family travelling to B.C. to spread parents' ashes alerts community ahead of arrival

The perceived attitude towards outsiders in B.C., has a Saskatchewan family so concerned about an upcoming trip to the province to spread their parents' ashes in Prince Rupert that they posted about their trip in a community Facebook group.

Migrant justice advocacy group denounces B.C. nursery's firing of temporary foreign workers

An advocacy group supporting temporary foreign workers in B.C.'s Okanagan is raising concerns after two Mexican workers were fired from a West Kelowna nursery for violating the company's policies. 

Lack of opposition to Trans Mountain liquor licence application raising concerns about consultation process

No one has voiced opposition to a Trans Mountain liquor licence application near Valemount, B.C., and that has one civic leader worried.

Rural B.C. leaders look to improve Internet access, as need grows amid COVID-19

Clearwater district staff are researching options to establish a local broadband Internet service.

Children's stories hit the streets this summer in B.C.'s Elk Valley, 1 page at a time

Over the next eight weeks, the organizers of Stories Around Town will disassemble beloved children’s books and attach the pages to signs placed throughout the community so families can get some fresh air, walk around and take in books in a new way.