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Cougar attacks: Seven ways to survive

B.C. author Paula Wild offers her top tips for surviving a cougar attack, based on her new book, The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous.

'The cougar bit into my skull...scooping out a piece of my head'

B.C. author Paula Wild has spent the last few years collecting stories of cougar encounters from people who've lived to tell the tale. Here are her seven tips for avoiding and surviving a cougar attack. 

  1. Never turn your back on a cougar
  2. Never run from a cougar (fast movement triggers their chase and kill instinct)
  3. Maintain constant, direct eye contact, and remove sunglasses
  4. Make loud continuous noise
  5. Be prepared: Carry bear spray, a fixed blade knife and air horn or whistle
  6. If attacked, fight back, focusing blows to the cougar’s eyes and muzzle
  7. Enjoy the outdoors in groups of two or more

Paula Wild's book The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous, is also a plea for peaceful coexistence with the wild cats. She's speaking at the Vancouver Public Library Monday night.