Costume rental offers dress up fun for adults

Bonkers Games offers Tickle Trunk costume rentals for adults to have fun

Meet two Vancouverites who are making a business out of fun and games

Bonkers Games offers kid-like fun for adult house parties 4:51

Costume parties aren't just for kids anymore.

Halloween is usually the time of year when adults consider dressing in costume, but the owners of Bonkers Games want to make it easy for people to host costume parties all year round.

Dani Vachon and Emily Bach began their business by renting out board games for parties. They have now expanded that business to include a costume-rental service called Tickle Trunk.

Each Tickle Trunk has its own theme packed with wigs, vintage outfits and costume jewelry.

But will grown adults be into dressing up in silly wigs and costumes for their next house party?

Guests get into character for a Clue board game theme party with costumes from a Bonkers Games Tickle Trunk. (Bonkers: Giant Games/Facebook)

"It helps to have a few drinks first," Vachon told Gloria Macarenko, host of Our Vancouver.

Long time party planner Vachon met Bach in a chance encounter at a costume party that Bach was hosting. Vachon immediately felt at home with Bach and her costumes, and together they came up with the idea of Tickle Trunk rentals.

'It helps to have a few drinks first,' says entrepreneur Dani Vachon, when asked about getting adults into the spirit of costume theme parties. (Bonkers: Giant Games/Facebook)

"You need entertainment if a party is going to be any good," says Vachon.

The Tickle Trunks don't come cheap. Large trunk rentals cost $500 per day for 60 different costumes.