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B.C.'s top doctor says singles can get ready to mingle (carefully)

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry took time to offer lonely British Columbians a prescription for love Tuesday.

Dr. Bonnie Henry said isolation might be extra tough for people without partners

Dr. Bonnie Henry was asked to give advice to singles looking to start new relationships as restrictions loosen in B.C. (Mike McArthur/CBC)

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry on Tuesday offered B.C. singles a prescription for romance — and safety.

Henry, at her daily briefing, was asked what advice she had for singles looking to expand their bubbles with new romantic partners when coronavirus-related restrictions start to diminish.

"If you are going to start a relationship with somebody, this is not the time to do rapid, serial dating," Henry said, chuckling.

"Pick somebody, see if it works, and then take your time." 

Watch as Dr. Bonnie Henry offers some advice on safe dating during the COVID-19 health emergency:

Can you spread COVID-19 through kissing?

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Dr. Bonnie Henry says kissing can be an effective way to pass COVID-19 on to someone, so now is not the time for "rapid serial dating."

Henry acknowledged that many people are feeling isolated these days, and for single people, it could be worse.

"Many people have adapted, I know, to online and talking online and to having encounters online that can be quite helpful in that regard," she said.

As restrictions start to ease, Henry said there could be opportunities for online conversations to enter the real world, but it has to be done with care.

If you're meeting someone on a date, make sure you keep up with handwashing, she said.

COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets, she said, so kissing is likely an ideal transmission method.  That means you shouldn't meet someone when you're feeling sick.

Henry also remarked that with bars and clubs closed, having first dates outside, like a picnic in the park, may be advisable.

Dr. Bonnie Henry suggested outdoor picnics might make for good first dates. (bbernard/Shutterstock)