COMMUNITY | Pitch Your Story to CBC Vancouver

Do you have a story to tell? Is there an issue or inspiring story you feel needs to be on CBC Vancouver News?

Share what matters to YOU with #MyLocalStory

Do you have a story to tell? Is there an issue or inspiring story you feel needs to be on CBC Vancouver News?

We want to tell people about it! You can make the news happen.

Until the end of November, pitch your story for our new segment "What's Your Story?" and your pitch can appear on CBC Vancouver News at 6pm, CBC Radio One programs, online at or in your CBC mobile news app – as CBC Vancouver launches our expanded news service on October 5.

How do you submit your pitch?

In Person:

CBC Vancouver will be out in your community with a CBC team and a sound-proof booth to record your pitch. Get CBC swag for your unique pitch and our team can help you present your story in a way that gets noticed.

Via Social Media:

Tweet your pitch video to @CBCVancouver and hashtag #MyLocalStory
Post your pitch video to Facebook (VancouverCBC) and hashtag #MyLocalStory
Post your pitch video to Instagram @CBCVancouver and hashtag #MyLocalStory
Upload your pitch video on YouTube and hashtag #MyLocalStory


Send your video, audio recording or written pitch to

What Makes a Good Pitch?

Pitch like a pro - CBC journalist Dan Burritt tells you how to get noticed! 

And if you need even more help, here are the Top 5 tips to get your pitch noticed:

1. It must be new. If you have heard it on the news before, it will not be considered.

2. Think about the why. Why is this important? Why does it matter?  What is the impact of telling this story, will it change something or reveal something about us or life in our community?

3. Think beyond a problem. Your pitch can be an issue you want to shed light on, but it can also be something that is inspiring in your community. Storytelling is an important part of the news.

4. Be as specific as you can.  Who are the players? Where is this taking place?

5. Make it real. Tell us how you know what you are pitching to be true.

Terms and Conditions

Your submission will be subject to "Your Content Submission Guidelines" under the Terms of Use available at 

Any content deemed by CBC to be inappropriate or not suitable for its audience will be disqualified at the sole discretion of CBC.

Your submission should be no more than 200 words and in any format videos should be no longer than 1 minute(s).

Your submission sent to CBC will become the property of CBC and will not be returned to you. You declare that your submission is legal, particularly with regard to compliance with copyright, rights to image, reputation and privacy, the Criminal Code and any other legislation applicable in such matters. You also declare that you hold the rights to your submission and have consent from any people appearing in your submission (including parental consent for minors) and  all authorizations required to grant the license specified hereafter to CBC. You agree to comply with standards of proper conduct in your submission, as specified in the "Your Content Submission Guidelines" available on the site. CBC reserves the right to decide whether to use your submission, at its sole discretion.

By submitting your submission, you grant CBC a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, unrestricted, worldwide license to publish, reproduce and distribute your submission in all media, on all digital platforms and by any other means of communication controlled or authorized by the CBC. You waive all moral rights to Your Content and authorize CBC to use your name, picture and voice, where applicable, in conjunction with the use of Your Content. Collective agreement provisions may apply. For the avoidance of doubt, you will retain all ownership rights in and to your submission. 

Anyone making a submission to this initiative must sign provide CBC with a signed release agreeing that their name, image and/or voice may be used for advertising purposes related to this initiative free of charge and releases CBC, as well as its respective directors, officers and employees from all liability for any damage or loss arising from participation in the initiative.

For anyone who has not reached the age of majority, parent or guardian consent is necessary to make a submission.