New season of CBC B.C. podcast that explores Indigenous identity

Season 2 of ‘Pieces’ is available now.

Season 2 of ‘Pieces’ is available now

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A lot has changed for Jeremy Ratt since recording Season One of the CBC British Columbia podcast, Pieces, when he was at the start of his personal journey towards understanding Indigenous identity.

Jeremy Ratt is the host of Pieces. (CBC)

The series' conversations and experiences spurred his own growth, professionally and personally, in profound ways. 

Now, the 20-year-old podcast host returns with a new season that dives deep into a broader exploration of Indigenous identity with captivating and candid conversations that reveal the many ways that Indigenous identity can be explored. 

Listen as Jeremy and his guests discuss the impacts of definitions, community and healing as they come together to share stories that bring Jeremy further along on his quest to unpack Indigenous identity and what that means in Canada today. 

Listen to Season 2 of Pieces and catch up on past episodes at CBC Listen, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify

Season Two 

Episode 1 - From yearning to learning

Jeremy's identity journey evolves from one journey to an exchange of journeys through a discussion with a listener who reached out after season one. Their conversation centres around the question, "what does it mean to be Métis?"

Episode 2 - How we got here and where do we go?

The concept of lateral kindness is brought to Jeremy as a way to explore one's own identity and offer support to Indigenous urban youths. Meanwhile, Jeremy's mother, Carmen, checks in.

Episode 3 - Healing

Art and healing weave throughout Jeremy's story. But how do those themes shape who we are? We move toward that answer through music and family roots.

Episode 4 - Community

The search to find and understand your identity can come in many places, both physical and emotional. Jeremy learns about how language, home, play, food and service can all impact someone's journey.

Episode 5 - Reciprocity and strength in sharing stories 

Jeremy sits down in a talking circle to further discuss identity, lateral kindness, healing and the importance of doing the work of finding out who you are.


Season One

Episode 1 - Who am I?

Jeremy and his mother Carmen reflect on how Jeremy's nomadic upbringing and Carmen's memories of her father influenced Jeremy's worldview. While embarking on his identity journey, Jeremy starts to pray to his late grandfather for guidance in search of himself. 

Episode 2 - Stereotypes and shame

The memory of a racist cartoon weighs heavily on Jeremy's youth, so he sets about carving a new image in his own mind. In doing so, a new world of Indigenous culture is unlocked by past mentors and a community of content creators. 

Episode 3 - Identity 101

Indigenous advocates help Jeremy remember his safe space that was once middle school. A moment of hope and learning about the weight and importance of being partially Indigenous follows. 

Episode 4 - Run another take

An intergenerational trauma specialist and a former acting school instructor help Jeremy explore the struggles of being defined as a "survivor." 

Episode 5 - I am…

After a raw conversation with his father and a separate lesson from his mentor, Jeremy looks to his future with the resolve to stay creative in spite of past experiences. He comes to a chaptered conclusion of who he is -- and who he wants to be.


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