New CBC British Columbia podcast explores a young man's journey to understand his Indigenous identity

Pieces is a five-part podcast about self-discovery and finding strength in Indigenous identity.

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Being human is complex, but having a strong sense of identity brings comfort, security and a sense of belonging as we navigate the world.

What happens when part of you remains an unsolved puzzle?

Jeremy Ratt is the host of Pieces. (CBC)

For most of his life, Jeremy Ratt, a 19-year-old who self-identifies as half Indigenous and half white, didn't consider the significance of his Woods-Cree heritage. Growing up, his relationship with his cultural background was constantly shifting as was his sense of self. In the CBC British Columbia podcast Pieces, he sets out on a journey to discover his other half and find confidence in his Indigenous identity.

Listen as Jeremy grapples with his past and explores the forces that contributed to his understanding of what it means to be Indigenous. Then, Jeremy sets out on a path of self-discovery to find strength in his Indigenous identity, leading to conversations with new faces in unfamiliar places, gaining wisdom and finding the missing pieces along the way.  

Listen to Pieces and subscribe now at CBC Listen, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Episode 1 -  Who am I?

Jeremy and his mother Carmen reflect on how Jeremy's nomadic upbringing and Carmen's memories of her father influenced Jeremy's worldview. While embarking on his identity journey, Jeremy starts to pray to his late grandfather for guidance in search of himself. 

Episode 2 - Stereotypes and Shame

The memory of a racist cartoon weighs heavily on Jeremy's youth, so he sets about carving a new image in his own mind. In doing so, a new world of Indigenous culture is unlocked by past mentors and a community of content creators. 

Episode 3 - Identity 101

Indigenous advocates help Jeremy remember his safe space that was once middle school. A moment of hope and learning about the weight and importance of being partially Indigenous follows.    

Episode 4 - Run Another Take

An intergenerational trauma specialist and a former acting school instructor help Jeremy explore the struggles of being defined as a "survivor." 

Episode 5 - I Am…

After a raw conversation with his father and a separate lesson from his mentor, Jeremy looks to his future with the resolve to stay creative in spite of past experiences. He comes to a chaptered conclusion of who he is – and who he wants to be.

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