Tune in to BC Today for a special Career Fair

Tune in to the BC Today Career Fair from March 22-26 on CBC Radio One or online at 

March 22-26 on CBC Radio One

COVID-19 may have put a pause on many things, but when it comes to career and professional development, there's no time to delay!

Are you in Grade 11 or 12? Perhaps you're in your first years of post-secondary? Or maybe you're considering changing career paths? Now is the perfect time to navigate your future prospects in a variety of exciting fields like health care, the arts, trades and more.

Tune in to the BC Today Career Fair at 12:30 p.m., March 22-26, on CBC Radio One or online at and explore the many options that await you. 

Join host Michelle Eliot and guest experts who will be sharing career opportunities and insights. And bring your questions! Listeners are encouraged to call in during the show at 1-800-825-5950. 

Monday,  March 22 – Health Care

Do you want to work on the front lines in health care? Do you see yourself working as a nurse or a doctor? How has the pandemic influenced how you see these jobs? What do you want to know about becoming a health care worker? 

Tuesday,  March 23 – The Arts

Do you dream of becoming a musician or actor? What have you learned about how important music, art and storytelling is in light of the pandemic? What are your questions about how to make it as an artist?  

Wednesday, March 24 – Environment  

Do you envision a career tackling climate change? Why are you passionate about this field?  What are your questions about pursuing a career while making a difference for the environment?  

Thursday, March 25 – Trades and Tech 

Are you hoping to build a career in trades and technology? Whether it's computers or carpentry, what do you love about the idea, and what do you want to know about working in these jobs?

Friday, March 26 – The Future of Work

What does it take to get a job and succeed? How do you imagine your future career? Has the pandemic changed your career plans?

Tune in to BC Today with Michelle Eliot weekdays at noon on CBC Radio One across the province. Missed the career fair? The shows will be posted online after they air at

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