B.C. made documentaries and short films to watch free now

Whether you’ve got an hour or a couple of minutes to spare, here’s some great B.C. content to keep you entertained.

A list of great CBC content to keep you entertained

Whether you've got an hour or a couple of minutes to spare, here's some great (and free!) B.C. curated content for you to watch online now.

One-Hour Documentaries on CBC Gem

Tomorrow's Harvest is the inspiring story of six young B.C. farmers and their mission to nurture Lower Mainland communities in the face of impossible land prices.

Watch Tomorrow's Harvest here

Ghost Nets follows commercial diver Bourton Scott and his crew as they travel through the B.C. Gulf Islands in search of marine debris and discarded fishing gear that is destroying marine wildlife.

Watch Ghost Nets here.

Vancouver visual artist Lyle Reimer grew up in a prairie community of about 150 people. Now, Lyle XOX is at the forefront of a medium that fuses recycled objects with high end art, working with the likes of Vogue and Gucci.

Watch Random is my Favourite Colour here.

The Weight We Carry follows four men working their way out of poverty and homelessness while embarking on a summer-long hiking adventure through Vancouver Island's coastal forest. 

Watch The Weight We Carry here.

Canada once jailed Indigenous peoples for dancing, but today, new generations in Vancouver are finding inner balance through their dance cultures. 

Watch Beyond Human Power here.

CBC Vancouver Creator Network Short Films

B.C.'s songbirds are declining at an alarming rate, and a Vancouver-based non-profit is doing what they can to save the endangered birds. This includes allowing the public to get up close and personal with the migratory birds.

Watch Keeping Track: Vancouver's Bird Banders here.

Many B.C. bakeries are creating incredible artisan bread — and a lot of that baking happens at night. Mary Mackay has been handcrafting bread since 1993 at Vancouver's Terra Breads, and makes sure the bread rises long before you do. 

Watch A Night at the Bakery here.

There used to be more than 50 streams and creeks throughout Vancouver. Some of them are making a comeback via a process called "daylighting," and it has far reaching environmental benefits. 

Watch Vancouver's Underground Streams here.

The Galzillas are an award-winning boat crew consisting entirely of women — a unique find in the Vancouver sailboat racing scene, where men dominate positions of power on and off the boats.

Watch Galzillas here.

Mysa Kaczkowski and her partner Forrest Dylan own a vintage clothing store in Vancouver's Chinatown. Their shared love for sustainable fashion and the thrill of the hunt keeps the couple going strong. 

Watch Old Gold here

To view more great CBC content visit CBC Vancouver YouTube and CBC Gem, Canada's free streaming service.