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Comic Sans font in Prince George city report ridiculed

Comic Sans may be the world's most publicly hated typeface — so much so that even the City of Prince George has failed to avoid ridicule.

Charelle Evelyn's tweet about Prince George city report sparks debate about Comic Sans

A City of Prince George document that was typed up in Comic Sans font has sparked discussion. (City of Prince George)

Comic Sans may be the world's most publicly hated typeface — so much so that even the City of Prince George has failed to avoid ridicule.

The city's cardinal sin came to the notice of local journalist Charelle Evelyn, last week, when she saw a report on a public market project on the city's website was typed up in Comic Sans font.

After Evelyn tweeted about the report, it caught the attention of several others, sparking a debate about a font that is often characterized by haters as cartoonish.

Some argued the beleaguered font was only appropriate for children, while others described its use by the City of Prince George as "magnificent."

Not so Comic Sans

This is far from the first time the use of Comic Sans has pit people against each other, particularly where official or government documents are involved.

In 2013, the Holy See published a 62-page digital album to commemorate Pope Benedict XVI. The album was filled with photos of the Pope Emeritus, as well as Comic Sans captions that evoked strong responses.

And in 2012, the researchers who discovered the Higgs Boson particle, or the so-called "God particle," also presented the significant advancement in Comic Sans glory — to much mockery.

To hear the full story, listen to the audio labelled: City report comes under fire for its Comic Sans font

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