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Closure of Vancouver's Champlain Video marks end of an era

After three decades serving the local community, Vancouver's Champlain video is closing. So who is still renting DVDs? Shane Foxman reports.

So who is still renting DVDs? Citizen Shane finds out

Citizen Shane on the closure of Champain's video store 5:23

Vancouver's Champlain Video is closing after three decades in business serving the local community.

Video stores are almost gone, but there are still some that survive.

So who is still renting DVDs? 

Shane Foxman discovers that when customer service trumps convenience, there are still places where people will go to rent their videos.

Watch Citizen Shane's report:  Video stores: The end of an era

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Shane Foxman

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Shane Foxman is the host of Citizen Shane. A Toronto native, Shane has now lived in Vancouver for nine years. His favourite aspects of living in the terminal city include the lack of snow, never having to plug in his car, and that the beach is downtown.


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