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Clare Hennig is a web writer and digital associate producer at CBC Vancouver. Follow her on Twitter: @clare_hennig

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2 B.C. mayors fear their communities will pay more for policing if Surrey drops RCMP

Two municipalities in British Columbia say they're concerned their communities will end up paying more for law enforcement if Surrey drops the RCMP in favour of creating its own police force.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau makes Vancouver his first election campaign stop

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau launched his re-election campaign on Wednesday evening in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver taxis ask Supreme Court of B.C. to quash ride-hailing rules

A group of Vancouver-based taxis is asking the Supreme Court of B.C. to quash rules recently introduced by the Passenger Transportation Board that would allow ride-hailing to begin legally operating in B.C.

Equality in topless yoga: B.C. woman pushing back against studio's dress code

Jennifer Frizzley wasn’t thinking of making a statement when she first took off her shirt during her hot yoga class — she was simply overheating and didn’t have a sports bra with her.

'Cars don't cause crashes, drivers do': New ICBC premium rates take effect

Starting Sunday, driving experience and crash history play a bigger role in determining the cost of insurance than before. 

Lower taxes, more government regulation? Experts weigh in on gas price inquiry

The B.C. Utilities Commission has concluded there's no clear reason why gas and diesel prices are so much higher in British Columbia than the rest of Canada, but experts say they are not surprised by the commission's findings.

Public inquiry into gas prices in B.C. finds 'unexplained difference' of 13 cents per litre

A months-long inquiry into high gas prices in British Columbia has concluded that the province's market is not truly competitive and that there's a "significant unexplained difference" of about 13 cents per litre in gas prices between southern B.C. and other parts of the Pacific northwest.

Canadian drinkers get 10% of their daily calories from alcohol, study finds

The average Canadian alcohol-drinker is getting more than 10 per cent of their daily calories from alcohol, according to a new study from the University of Victoria.

How do B.C.'s eco-friendly outhouses work? With foot pumps and feces-eating worms

It’s not exactly a savoury topic, but outhouse maintenance is a big deal in the backcountry — and in some parts of British Columbia, dealing with human waste costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Police investigate racist rant in Richmond, B.C., parking lot captured on video

Police are investigating a confrontation caught on video in a Richmond parking lot Friday afternoon, where a woman is shown swearing and yelling racial slurs over a parking dispute.

Looming strike at luxury Vancouver hotels leaves couple scrambling to replan wedding

Workers at several luxury hotels in downtown Vancouver voted in favour of striking earlier this month, leaving those with events planned at the hotels — like weddings — in the lurch.

Family doesn't blame police for death of Langley teen near skatepark

Relatives of a teenage boy who died near a skatepark in Langley, B.C., say they don’t blame police for not finding him until hours after the first 911 call, but wish more had been done.

Lucky motorcyclist walks away from crash that left bike wedged into back of dump truck

The aftermath of the motorcycle crash looks dramatic: the black sports bike is crushed into the back of a dump truck, its frame firmly wedged between the rear tire and the bed of the truck.

First Nations-led group calls for commercial cull of seals, sea lions to save B.C.'s salmon

A First Nations-led group in British Columbia is pushing for permission to cull seals and sea lions, pitching it as one way to help save the West Coast’s struggling salmon.

'Pure relief': 4-year-old missing overnight in wilds of northern B.C. found safe

A four-year-old boy who went missing in the bush near Mackenzie, B.C., about 180 kilometres north of Prince George on Saturday has been found safe.