British Columbia

City of Vancouver offers up pet rats for $5

Want a pet? A pet rat? This is your golden opportunity.

City shelter is currently housing nearly 80 pet rats

The city's shelters are currently housing nearly 80 rats. (Tory Gillis/CBC)

For about the cost of a latté, the City of Vancouver is giving you the opportunity to become the proud owner of a pet ret. 

The city tweeted out Thursday evening that it was offering rats at $5 a pop, saying "rats are incredibly friendly and enjoy human companionship" and "they make great pets for children."

According to its website, the city shelter adopts out 200 to 300 dogs and small pets every year. Other than dogs, the shelter houses birds, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs. 

And at the moment, they're inundated with rats.

The shelter says it's currently housing 77 rats, saying it has a "mix of males and females and all ages, from newborn pinkies right up to a seniors."

Reaction to the city's tweet was mixed, with some pointing out the city has a well-documented rat problem.

These pet rats, however, are described as "very social creatures." The shelter says rats will be adopted out in pairs, and single rats may be adopted out to pet owners who already have pet rats.

Those interested in adopting can visit