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Christy Clark tweet calls out 'yoga haters' over Burrard Bridge backlash

Christy Clark says a tweet calling out "yoga haters" sent from her official Twitter account Thursday morning was meant as a joke.

B.C. premier facing growing criticism over plan to close bridge for mass yoga class on June 21

A photo of Christy Clark outside a Vancouver Island Tai Chi studio was used in a tweet attacking 'yoga haters'. (Twitter)

Christy Clark says a tweet calling out "yoga haters" sent from her official twitter account Thursday morning was meant as a joke.

Clark has been plagued by a growing backlash to the mass yoga class that will close the Burrard Bridge for part of June 21, to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. The province helped organize the event.

Points of criticism have included opposition to the bridge closure itself, the cost to taxpayers (estimated at $150,000), and the fact that June 21 is also National Aboriginal Day.

"Hey yoga haters – bet you can't wait for international tai chi day," read the tweet. It was accompanied by a photo that shows the premier standing in front of a tai chi studio. 

Asked about the tweet Thursday morning, Clark said it "was a joke".

The tweet at first was received with bewilderment and suggestions that her official account had either been hacked or was being handled by someone inexperienced at social media.

But, as no retraction followed, the responses took the tweet on face value, with the majority appalled.

The tai chi studio Clark is photographed in front of is in Parksville, B.C. Clark had a planned event in Nanaimo Thursday morning.


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