British Columbia

Christy Clark's explanation of B.C. NDP hacking accusation sets off social media

Premier Christy Clark repeatedly stated that she "jumped to conclusions" when asked why she accused the NDP of hacking into her party's website.

Premier says repeatedly in radio interview and on Twitter that she 'jumped to conclusions'

B.C. Premier Christy Clark now says she "jumped to conclusions' in accusing the NDP of hacking the B.C. Liberals website. (CBC)

Critics and media are questioning Premier Christy Clark's messaging on recent accusations that the B.C. Liberals' website was allegedly hacked. 

In a radio interview Thursday morning, Clark said she "jumped to conclusions" when she accused the NDP of hacking into her party's website without any evidence to substantiate the claim.

What actually happened to the website is still unclear. 

A series of tweets by her press secretary, Stephen Smart, captured Clark's message — over and over. 

But critics and others didn't respond lightly to the premier's messaging.