Chris Brown

Moscow Correspondent

Chris Brown is a foreign correspondent based in the CBC’s Moscow bureau. Previously a National Reporter in Vancouver, Chris has a passion for great stories and has travelled all over Canada and the world to find them.

Latest from Chris Brown

Women in Siberian coal town beg Trudeau to let them come to Canada as environmental refugees

Fed up residents of a polluted city in central Russia are making an emotional plea to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, begging to be admitted to Canada as environmental refugees.

Putin tries to convince the world it's safe to invest in Russia

After five years of crippling sanctions and counter-sanctions, the fear factor of doing business in Russia may be easing just a bit, at least according to some Canadian business leaders, writes Chris Brown.

Why a community protest over a church should worry Russia's Kremlin

Authorities in Russia's Yekaterinburg have called a truce with protestors over building a new church in a popular park - but that's unlikely to quell a broader discontent by people who believe they are being ignored by their leaders.

As public support for Syrian war wanes, Russia hopes 'trophy train' inspires patriotism

A travelling exhibition in Russia is meant to demonstrate that the country's military engagement in Syria has been well spent, even as independent polling suggests Russians are, at best, lukewarm to the mission.

Ukraine's new comedian president gets hopeful welcome at home, chill from Putin

Ukrainians react to the election of a comedian as their president as Russia refuses to offer its congratulations.

Potential victory by Ukraine's 'Donald Trump' prompts uncertainty

Volodymyr Zelensky has run a substance-free campaign, using the internet and comedy to win over disaffected Ukrainians in his bid for the presidency. But with victory in Sunday's run-off election appearing imminent, many worry about the implications for Ukraine's security.

Marine scientists warn of risky rescue of orcas and belugas from Russian 'whale jail'

Some of the world's top marine biologists are meeting in Moscow this week to try to save nearly 100 whales held captive since autumn in Russia’s 'whale jail.'

Anger over corruption puts Ukrainian comic ahead in presidency race

Practically every poll in the final days of the Ukrainian presidential election campaign suggests that a political novice with no electoral experience could finish with the most votes on Sunday.

Russia's 'fairy tale' Siberian tigers beating long odds for a comeback

After decades of poaching and habitat loss pushed the Siberian tiger population toward extinction, the symbol of Russian pride is making a comeback through conservation efforts and a crackdown on illegal hunting.

Russian internet users fear new restrictions are aimed at silencing criticism

New restrictions on internet use in Russia are sparking strong objections, particularly from opponents who say they are designed to suppress legitimate criticism of the government on the internet.

Why an American's arrest in Russia could set off a 'flight of foreign investors'

Are foreign investors now fair game in Vladimir Putin's Russia? The arrest of 51-year-old American Michael Calvey — Russia’s most successful foreign investor — could be a tipping point for foreigners doing business in Russia, experts tell CBC News.

'This is soul-destroying': Families of captured Ukrainian sailors fear the world has forgotten them

To Russia, they’re criminals, but to their families, 24 young Ukrainian sailors are hostages and pawns in Russia’s latest confrontation with the West.

Russian Arctic town overrun by polar bears, climate change blamed

People in Russia's eastern Arctic are scrambling to come up with a plan to take back their community after it was overrun by dozens of polar bears over the weekend.

Putin wins, the longer Venezuela's Maduro hangs on

A week after opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself Venezuela’s new president, his rival, Nicolas Maduro, remains in control of most of the levers of power. This scenario suits Russia just fine, writes Chris Brown.

Top Russian news host takes aim at Ukrainian Canadians

Dmitry Kiselyov's Sunday-night TV program is one of the most influential sources of news in Russia. And last weekend, the Kremlin-friendly broadcaster focused his ire on Ukrainians living in Canada.