Chris Brown

Moscow Correspondent

Chris Brown is a foreign correspondent based in the CBC’s Moscow bureau. Previously a national reporter for CBC News on radio, TV and online, Chris has a passion for great stories and has travelled all over Canada and the world to find them.

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With cases still rising, why is Vladimir Putin pushing Russia out of its COVID lockdown?

Vladimir Putin has freed Russians from their coronavirus lockdown. But that liberation has only added to their confusion over the dangers of COVID-19, writes Chris Brown.

This northern European city has moved its bars and restaurants outside. Will customers follow?

Vilnius, the capital of the Baltic nation of Lithuania, has created a giant outdoor café so its restaurants, bars and eateries can safely reopen. But is it a viable long-term solution that can be replicated in other cities that are preparing to lift COVID-19 restrictions?

'This situation is very scary': Coronavirus is disrupting Vladimir Putin's Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to hold out hope the COVID-19 lockdown could soon be over. But in the meantime, health-care workers are getting sick and dying for lack of protective gear, and in the streets people are going hungry.

New Zealand's COVID-19 'eradication' strategy looks to be paying off

Next week, New Zealand will emerge from one of the most stringent lockdowns in the world. Rather than just flattening the COVID-19 infection curve, the country is poised to eradicate it altogether.

As COVID-19 cases spike in Russia, the Kremlin struggles to respond

Even President Vladimir Putin is now admitting the COVID-19 crisis in Russia is dire. Hospitals are getting swamped and businesses are folding, Chris Brown reports.

Swedes' trust in government put to test as coronavirus deaths spike

Sweden’s days as a European outlier in the fight against coronavirus may be ending. As deaths rise, many are questioning measures that appear relaxed compared with the rest of the world.

Russia's coronavirus count under scrutiny as Putin government denies hiding cases

Skepticism is growing in Russia over the number of coronavirus cases the country is reporting, even as the government pivots to taking more extreme measures.

Families of those killed when Flight MH17 was shot down hope trial will expose Russian 'lies'

As the criminal trial of four men charged with the destruction of Flight MH17 begins in the Netherlands, victims' families demand the Kremlin’s highest representatives be held responsible.

Russia hasn't had any new coronavirus cases. Why is that?

China has complained that Russia's measures to combat the coronavirus are discriminatory, but many Russians seem pleased that their country remains virtually virus-free so far, Chris Brown writes.

Russian advocates against domestic violence branded 'enemies of the family'

In December 2017, Margarita Gracheva's husband took her to a wooded area near their home and chopped off both her hands in a jealous rage. She has since emerged as one of the most high-profile victims of Russia's epidemic of domestic violence, Chris Brown writes.

Fighting coronavirus fears in Japan is an Olympian task

Anxiety over the coronavirus are challenging Japan's meticulous plans for the 2020 Summer Olympics, writes Chris Brown.

As coronavirus cases mount, Hong Kong prepares for quarantine

Hong Kong's government has brought in a stringent new measure to try to protect itself from a steady rise in coronavirus cases, evoking memories of the SARS outbreak 17 years ago, Chris Brown writes.

Putin's political gambit suggests plan to rule Russia forever

Russia's risk-averse political system seems set for a big shake-up, with proposed constitutional changes that appear to ensure that Vladimir Putin will hold power indefinitely.
CBC in Ukraine

Ukrainian investigators say they knew 'within hours' a missile had downed PS752

Ukrainian investigators said that they concluded within a few hours of arriving in Tehran that a missile was likely responsible for causing the destruction of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752.

Boris Johnson's big win may 'get Brexit done' but damaging fights loom

Boris Johnson's victory has dramatically redrawn the U.K.'s electoral map and earned the Conservatives the majority needed to leave the EU. But seat gains by Scottish and Irish nationalists leave the party open to drawn-out fights on a new front.