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Chip Wilson plans giant dock project at Point Grey but the joke's on irate neighbours

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, who has gotten into trouble in the past for upsetting neighbours over his massive home projects and criticizing plus-size women for wearing his yoga wear, is now flashing people with his giant dock.

Fake plans for massive heliport dock take neighbours by surprise

The billionaire Wilson has stirred controversy with his extravagant projects in the past. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, who has gotten into trouble in the past for upsetting neighbours over his massive home projects and criticizing plus-size women for wearing yoga pants, is now flashing people with his giant dock. 

Wilson posted a development notice on his property in the pricey Point Grey neighbourhood about his plans to build an 8,000-square-foot heliport dock. It's all a joke, of course, timed for April Fool's Day Wednesday — but that didn't stop neighbours from doing a double-take. 

The development application states that the proposed heliport is permitted under the site's existing RS 2 zoning and was anticipated when the Point Grey Road bicycle lanes were rezoned.

"It will accommodate guests and business clients attending to the address listed. Ministry of Transport approval will be sought after C.O.V. approval is granted. No public hearing is scheduled."

In addition to the massive dock, the development will include pylon heights of approximately three metres above high tide and notes "off street parking is not anticipated to be a requirement."

Annoyed women, neighbours

Billionaire Wilson is one of the richest men in British Columbia with his wealth built on yoga pants. He established Lululemon in 1998 and the company has since expanded to more than 250 stores around the world.

Last August, he agreed to sell about half of his shares in Lululemon for $845 million and announced he will step down from the board of directors. 

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson thumbing nose at his neighbours with giant sign touting his massive dock as April Fool's Day joke. (Richard Zussman)
Stock prices in Lululemon dropped after Wilson made controversial comments in 2013 alienating many women by saying that some female bodies are unsuited for his pants after some complained the yoga pants were see-through. 

In addition, Wilson hasn't always made his neighbours happy.

His $60 million home on Point Grey road is the most expensive residence in B.C. and some neighbours grumbled about the graffiti artwork Wilson had artists scrawl on his seawall. At his Sunshine Coast property, his neighbours griped about a massive 2,500-square-foot dock Wilson wants to construct there. 

A. Foolisch Engineering plan

The giant sign in front of his Vancouver home is a clear indication that Wilson is well aware of how some people view his excesses. 

Just in case anyone is still questioning whether to take the sign seriously, the engineering firm cited as being behind the project is A. Foolisch Engineering.

Another clue comes from the phone number listed on the development application.

It rings through to a woman's voice advising that no one is available but to check back on April 1st.

With files from CBC's Richard Zussman


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