British Columbia

Elderly man assaulted and robbed in Chilliwack

Police are hunting for a man accused of punching a 92-year-old man in stealing his wallet in Chilliwack on April 25.

Chilliwack RCMP say a 92-year-old man had his wallet stolen after he was punched

Chilliwack RCMP say the elderly man was attacked at about 1:30 in the afternoon on April 25. (The Canadian Press)

Police are hunting for a man accused of punching a 92-year-old man in the face and stealing his wallet in Chilliwack on April 25.

Cpl. Mike Rail with Chilliwack RCMP says the man was sitting on his back porch in the 46000 block of Yale Road when a stranger approached and asked if he could use the senior's phone.

"The 92 year old man said no, he couldn't use his phone," Rail said. "Then the conversation turned to the man offering to sell [the senior] meat."

The senior told the stranger he wasn't interested in buying meat.

Rail says a short while later, the stranger punched the senior in the face, snatched his wallet and ran off.

The suspect is described as a short and stocky man with salt and pepper coloured hair and a dark goatee.

Rail says it's never a good idea to let an unknown person use your phone, even if they say it's an emergency.

"Close your door and call the RCMP," he said. "If anyone is in that much distress that they need to use your phone, they should be happy to see us."


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