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Downtown Vancouver could lose one of its last gas stations

One of the last two gas stations in downtown Vancouver may close after Chevron Canada Ltd. announced it's seeking offers on the property, located in one of the hottest real estate market on the continent.

Chevron has owned the Georgia Street property since 1989

Chevron Canada Ltd. is looking for offers on three of its gas stations in Vancouver. (Roo Reynolds/flickr)

One of the last two gas stations in downtown Vancouver could close after Chevron Canada Ltd. announced it's seeking offers on the property — located in one of the hottest real estate market on the continent.

Chevron spokesman Adrien Byrne said the company is also soliciting offers on two of its other station sites in the city, another sign of the high value of Vancouver real estate.

One of the stations is downtown, at Bidwell and Georgia Streets. Another is at Dunbar and 39th Avenue, and a third is in East Vancouver at First Avenue and Clarke Street.

Byrne said the land where these station are located — especially the downtown and Dunbar sites — is worth more to a developer as a property than as a gas station.

"It's apparent to Chevron Canada Ltd. that the sites could be put to a higher and greater land use than their current operations," Byrne said.

"So the value of the land could be more valuable to someone else than it is to Chevron operating it as as a gas station."

Chevron seeking offers

Byrne stressed that the sites aren't for sale — yet. If the right offers come in, the land will be sold.

"It's being marketed by a broker," Byrne said. "But that's different to saying that a decision to divest has been made.

"That decision has not been made and will not be made until offers are evaluated."

The company has owned the property since 1989.

The only other downtown Vancouver gas station is an Esso at Burrard and Davie streets near St. Paul's Hospital.

Byrne said the company empathized with drivers, but noted the Chevron does operate 24 stations in the city.