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Vancouver Aquarium names octopus 'Ceph Rogen' know who

The Vancouver Aquarium has named its newest Giant Pacific octopus Ceph Rogen, in honor of the Hollywood comedian.

Seth Rogen has struck again in Vancouver. This time, an octopus has been named in his honour

When Seth Rogen met Ceph Rogen, the baby Giant Pacific octopus. (Vancouver Aquarium/Facebook)

Hollywood comedian and actor. Disembodied transit voice. Octopus.

Seth Rogen has quite the résumé.

The last gig he scored this week courtesy of the Vancouver Aquarium, which named its newest Giant Pacific octopus...Ceph Rogen, a play on cephalopod.

The moniker came after a week-long naming contest. The other contenders were Octavia, Luna and Houdini.

After a couple rounds of voting, Ceph Rogen garnered more than 90 per cent of the votes.

The Internet cheered, Rogen affirmed his status as Vancouver's poster boy and the Vancouver Aquarium soaked up the limelight.

Remember when?

It felt like just a week ago that Rogen was the voice of TransLink.

In fact, Vancouverites heard his "dulcet tones," as TransLink put it, for three months on buses and the SkyTrain, up until last week.

Rogen's announcements made a lot of transit riders smile. Others, not so much.

At least one detected a pattern.

But if there was any Rogen fatigue lingering from his transit stint, the feel-good octopus news seemed to erase it.

As for that octopus

Ceph is just a baby, but soon he'll be big.

The Giant Pacific octopus is considered the largest octopus species in the world. It can weigh up to 150 pounds or 68 kgs and its arm span stretches up to six metres across. 

It also lives up to five years.

That means Seth has plenty of time to meet Ceph. ​And for the Vancouver Aquarium to come up with another wacky name.