CBC's Karin Larsen in Korea: Being at the Olympics often means missing out on the Olympics

That means missing out on many of the intense tribal moments that make the Games so memorable — but in Pyeongchang, I've been lucky.

I was lucky to catch a couple of big Canadian moments in Pyeongchang

Even the athletes get to be spectators sometimes. How many members of Team Canada do you recognize in this picture? (Kevin Light Photography/CBC Sports)

The worst thing about working at the Olympics is that you don't get to watch the Olympics.

That means missing out on many of the intense tribal moments that make the Games so memorable — when Canadians are drawn together to cheer and jeer and, yes, feel disappointment for the home team.

But all things considered, I've been lucky in Pyeongchang. The two breaks in our schedule have coincided with big Canadian moments. 

(For the record and in the event the big boss reads this, I only get my fan on for the events I'm not covering. Honestly.) 

For Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's free dance final, boss Jessica and I managed to find our way to Canada Olympic House just in time to share the moment with about 100 other hosers. That was fun.

And for the Canada-U.S. women's gold-medal hockey game, I was able to watch from the comfort of my sparsely furnished media village apartment.

That was less fun, though I did make friends with the housekeeping staff who were a bit concerned about all my yelling at the TV.

Bigger air

It can be argued that some sports are a better spectacle on TV than they are in person. 

Big air isn't one of them. 

Although the television production at the Olympic big air venue is unparalleled, it doesn't do justice to just how enormous the ramp and jump are, or how high the athletes fly.

It is breathtaking.

Women's champion Anna Gasser of Austria won the gold medal by virtue of a flawless cab double cork 1080 on her final attempt.

Don't ask me to explain what a cab double cork 1080 is. Suffice to say it was truly a thing of acrobatic, gravity-defying beauty, landed ever so softly.