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CBC News Now expands coverage with Vancouver host

Veteran anchor Ian Hanomansing will host expanded CBC News Now coverage from Vancouver, the national broadcaster announced Monday.

Coverage anchored by Ian Hanomansing begins Sept. 17

Veteran anchor Ian Hanomansing will host expanded CBC News Now coverage from Vancouver, the national broadcaster announced Monday.

Ian Hanomansing will anchor CBC News Now's expanded coverage from Vancouver. (CBC)

The CBC News Now expansion is slated to launch Sept. 17 on the 24-hour news channel.

"It’s going to be live in primetime Monday to Friday and it’s going to be the only news program that’s live from Vancouver in primetime across the country, so I think that’s the most exciting thing," said Hanomansing.

He said the expanded coverage will increase CBC News Network's ability to cover late-breaking news from Western Canada and around the world.

"All the networks, certainly by 10 p.m. Pacific time, are either shut down or have a skeleton staff at that point," he said.

"But we’ll be live on the air and so it doesn’t take a big story for this program to be able to adjust to it and certainly on the big stories, we are all in place."

'Around the clock' coverage

With more live programming than any other news network in Canada, CBC News Network is Canada's top source for breaking and up-to-the-minute news. 

"We are a country spanning six time zones in a 24-hour news world," said CBC News general manager and editor in chief Jennifer McGuire.

"This expansion of CBC News Now is part of our ongoing commitment to better inform Canadians around the clock and across the country."

CBC B.C. managing director Johnny Michel called it "an incredible opportunity" to give western Canada a strong voice.

"The announcement today demonstrates, without a doubt, CBC's commitment to being deeply rooted in the regions and keeping Canadians connected," he said.

'Not a lot of jobs like this'

The show's format is yet be determined, but Hanomansing said it will include weather, sports and breaking news.

"This is one of the really exciting things about this project — we don’t exactly know what the format is. And it’s going to be a process here with the executive director, with me and with the other staff that they’re hiring," he said.

"We will adopt a lot of the basic format of News Now with two big exceptions — one is it’s night time, it’s primetime, and I think the viewer has a different expectation of primetime than they do in the morning. And the second thing is it’s based in Vancouver."

Hanomansing has had a long and award-winning career with CBC News, including a Gemini Award for Best News Anchor in 2008.

He said he's looking forward to the challenge of working on the program from the ground up.

"I’ve never had a job quite like this. I was an anchor for a long time but anchoring, you yearn for the opportunity to do … the breaking news, unscripted stuff," he said.

"This job will have virtually no reading. It’s not a newscast, it’ll never be a newscast, so it’s a lot different that way … I feel like this is not going back to the anchor desk but it’s taking on a role that I’ve never had, and really there are not a lot of jobs like this."


  • The CBC News Now expansion is slated to launch Sept. 19, not Sept. 17 as previously announced, on the 24-hour news channel.
    Aug 27, 2012 5:15 AM PT