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CBC's John Mann special wins at the 2016 Leo Awards in Vancouver

CBC's 'John Mann Here and Now' wins 2016 Leo award in Vancouver.

Concert featured Vancouver icon John Mann, who has early-onset Alzheimer's disease

Spirit of the West frontman John Mann, who has Alzheimer's, uses an iPad to assist him as he performs his final concert in Vancouver, Saturday, April 16, 2016. Though early-onset Alzheimer's has started to take away his musical memories, songs remain a vital outlet for Spirit of the West lead singer Mann. (Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press)

A CBC special exploring an iconic Vancouver musician's early-onset Alzheimer's disease has won Best Program in the "Music, Comedy or Variety Program or Series" category at the 2016 Leo Awards.

The honour for the program, CBC's John Mann Here and Now, was announced at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver on June 4.

Grant Lawrence accepted the award for the CBC.

Just weeks after John Mann went public with his diagnosis in 2013 he did a show surrounded by family and friends. (CBC)

The October 2015 concert featured John Mann, an iconic Vancouver musician and actor. He and his family have been courageous in sharing their fight with Mann's early-onset Alzeimer's disease.

A long list of CBC talents contributed to the moving program, including: Michael Juk, Jon Siddall, Sheila Peacock, Grant Lawrence, Richard Grundy, Gary Morgan, Bruce Dierick, Mathias Wolfsohn, Mark Gryski, Jim Wenting, Myriam Bastien, Lyne Denomme, David Croal, Matthew Brown. Bill Wouterloot, Brad Neave, Peter Shaw, Margaret Gallagher, Andrew Chang, Rhonda Burnside, Caroline Ewald, Asifa Lalji,Amy Ng, Cheryl Lindsay, N.J. McDonnell, Cathy Hunt, Diana Neave, Mei Ng, Denis Grenier, Lorna Haeber and Johnny Michel.

Grant Lawrence accepted the Leo award for CBC. (CBC)