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Cauliflower prices return to normal across Metro Vancouver

Social media posts show cauliflower priced for as low as $1.99 a head and a grocery chain from Metro Vancouver says prices have stabilized thanks to a new round of crops harvested in California.

Social media posts show cauliflower prices as low as $1.99 a head

Once the symbolic image of soaring vegetable prices in Canada, cauliflower appears to be affordable yet again, at least in B.C. (Rob O'Brien/Twitter)

The cauliflower crisis, crash or even "cauligeddon" — appears to be over, at least in B.C.

After the cost of the cruciferous vegetable shot up dramatically weeks ago, prices have since dropped in many grocery stores.

Savvy consumers, like Twitter user Gregory Thomas, have taken note and been sharing their triumphant finds of lower-priced cauliflower online.

His comments about the end of the "crisis" are not unfounded.

Kin's Farm Market has been selling 2 heads of cauliflower for $4 since January 22 — a far cry from previous prices hovering around $8 a head.

The company's marketing manager said they attribute the reduced cost to a crop of cauliflower that was recently harvested in California.

"Because of the weather, rain and freezing rain, the harvest took a little longer," said Lia Fletcher referring to California's El Nino-driven weather troubles. "Now it's just the peak season for it and it's being harvested and sold."

Fletcher said she expected the new crop to stabilize cauliflower costs across most grocery stores in B.C. for the next couple of weeks.

"Prices should go up a little bit by mid-February and then after that we have no idea," she said.

However, she warned consumers to not get too comfortable as produce prices are rarely stagnant and fluctuate with the value of the Canadian dollar, weather patterns, crop diseases and demand.

Hot deals

Before prices shift again, here's some cauliflower bargains residents in Metro Vancouver have found and shared on social media.

Even organic cauliflower was available for under $2

A resident in Victoria found prices were similar there


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