Cathy Browne


Cathy is a photographer and visual artist currently working on CBC's Vancouver morning radio show, The Early Edition.

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Parents of children with complex needs feel abandoned as B.C. students return to school

Jenn Newby and other parents are de-registering their children from schools they feel are leaving them behind amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Desperate families of kids with complex needs consider surrendering their children to the province

For many families faced with caring for children and youth with severe disabilities and complex health needs with less support during the COVID-19 pandemic, caregiver burnout is real.

Disabled community pushes for policy change after woman died alone at B.C. hospital

Ariis Knight could not speak and depended on caregivers and family to communicate. But because of visitor restrictions put in place to control the spread of COVID-19, none of Knight's caregivers or family members were allowed to be with her in the hospital. 

Mobile bookstore owners put down roots, open storefront shop in East Vancouver

Iron Dog Books just got bigger — a lot bigger. Owners Hilary and Cliff Atleo have expanded their business, which started as a mobile book truck, to include a storefront in the heart of Vancouver’s Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood.
Point of View

Blind photographer captures a world she doesn't see

Vancouver-based photographer Cathy Browne shares her perspective and her technique with fellow photographers.