Cat mutilations reported in Kamloops, B.C.

A cat killer appears to be at work in Kamloops, where two housecats have been killed and mutilated in a manner similar to two dozen incidents in Metro Vancouver.

The killing of two cats in Kamloops, B.C., is disturbingly similar to a series of cat mutilations in the Metro Vancouver region, a local crime-fighting officials says.

Kamloops Crimestoppers Co-ordinator Mark Price said Tuesday that the two mutilated cats were found in the city earlier this month.

Price said that in both cases, the cats had a small wounds in their heads, possibly from a pellet gun, and were cut in half with what seems to be a surgical tool.

Price is appealing to anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers because he says the person responsible is clearly in need of help.

There have been 24 similar cases of cats being killed, cut up and discarded in Maple Ridge and Langley over the past year.

The RCMP and SPCA are investigating.